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About Us

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Calvary Computer Services can provide IT services for much less then the cost of an IT staff. We can do this by spreading the cost of your computer work over multiple companies. In essence each organization hires a part of an IT staff. Your business has an IT staff that performs work on site or remotely when it is needed.
Calvary has two employees, Mike Pielech and Bob Whitaker who between them have over 30 years of IT experience. We are a Microsoft Partner, an AVG reseller, a Sonic Wall reseller, and we are a Carbonite reseller for off site backup of critical data.

We have two services to provide you with IT labor: In both cases Mike and Bob will be familiar with your IT requirements. In case one person is sick or on vacation the other person will provide coverage so that you are never without your IT staff. We handle critical problems, such as the internet is down, immediately. The other services we schedule as they arise. We will also help you budget for your equipment and licensing needs. And we use our own test equipment and have our own labs so that we can mimic a difficult problem and for general learning.
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"Your Personal IT Staff!"