Hourly Labor Rate
Managed Care Services
Hourly Labor Rate
Managed Care Service

Full System Diagnostic
Full PC Optimization
LCD Repair
LCD Monitor Repair
Virus Detection
Virus Removal
Spy-ware Removal
Anti-Virus & Security
POS Installation & Service
Software Installation
Software Upgrades
Hardwire LAN Setup
Wireless LAN Setup
Printer Service
Router/Firewall Install
DSL/Cable Configuration
Desktop Computer Repair
Custom PC's Build/Repair
Laptop Repair
System Restoration
Networking Repair
Data Recovery Services
Data Backup
                     VOIP (Voice Over Internet IP "Phone services")
Preventive Maintenance
Email/Web Hosting
IT Consultation
Project Management
Network Wiring Install/Repair
Refurbished Computer Systems
Refurbished PC's
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"Your Personal IT Staff!"
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When you go to certain Retailers such as Staples, Best Buy, Etc. They want to itemize every single procedure and/or tool they use to solve your problem, on top of the hourly rate they charge to be there. Here at Calvary Computer Services we are not looking to rob the stressed out frusterated customer. Chances are you have tried to fix your problem as best you could, otherwise you wouldn't be looking for help. So the last thing you are looking to experience is highway robbery! We will charge you our hourly rate (click on "Hourly Labor Rate" for details.) Then at that point for anything that has cost associated to us. For example, the cost of the license for the new Anit-Virus you had installed. But you won't get charged for the install on top of the hourly rate! We believe in customer satisfaction and building relationships. So lets get started!