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Managed Care Service

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Hourly Labor Rate
Managed Care Service
Under Managed Care we will provide all of the labor associated with IT support for a flat rate per pc per year. It does not cover the cost of hardware, software licenses, wiring, or parts. For example let’s say you purchased a new printer. We will install it for you. If a computer hard drive crashes, we would rebuild it for you. If a problem arises such as the internet is down we would fix it.
But unlike an hourly service Managed Care provides proactive support just as any well run IT department would. These include but are not limited to:
1. Documentation of all equipment in your organization. This would include configurations, parameter settings, and license expiration dates.
2. Input to the budgeting process so that expenses for licenses and hardware can be planned for ahead of time to avoid costly mistakes. Included would be recommendations for equipment purchases.
3. Planning help for the Commonwealth’s new Data Security standard.
4. Regular scans of your equipment for spyware, malware, and viruses based on the software that you have installed.
5. Maintenance of the server and the pc’s such as disk cleanup and defragmentation to keep your hard drive tuned up for maximum performance.
6. Installation of updates on a regular basis to prevent future problems.
7. A monthly report to show your IT activity. And a monthly meeting to discuss your IT needs as well as what is working and what needs improvement.
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Refurbished PC's
"Your Personal IT Staff!"