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Hourly Labor Rate

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Hourly Labor Rate
Managed Care Service
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This service is cost effective for those operations where someone does some of the work for the organization and only needs help occasionally. The hourly labor rate is "X" and does not include travel time. There is a 1 hour minimum for either remote or on site work. After they 1st hour we charge in 15 minute periods so that a job that takes an hour and 15 minutes does not end up costing you "X times 2".

One problem with the hourly rate is that only the minimum amount is typically done so that the costs are kept as low as possible. Over a period of time the pcs, network, and server are just a series of band aids that fix the problem but do nothing else. For example, an organization let their anti-virus software expire. Since there were no problems with the pcs there was no need to call someone in to fix it. Then a very nasty set of viruses hit their pcs which required many hours of time to fix. This could have been prevented with the Managed Care Service.
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